Smart solutions for smart companies

We offer packaging solutions that save resources in several ways and protect your products during transport. They make your working environment easier and safer for the people handling your products during transport.

Unique knowledge and experience in materials handling for the automotive industry

Our solutions are implemented by world-renowned car manufacturers. We have replaced vacuum shaped trays, loose inserts and expensive consumables with stable, clean and recyclable packaging used without repacking from the supplier to assembly. check out examples of these solutions under References.

Our foldable packaging is popular in the retail trade

Using our Recopac® concept, you can implement or customize a completed return packaging system. Recopac® is a smart, foldable box solution with hinges that takes up minimal space for return transport. Read more about Recopac®.

Unlimited applications

We have probably only scratched the surface of all the opportunities injection molding technology can offer. Demand for smart logistics and more environmentally friendly transport is increasing in line with an ever-increasing global e-commerce. So regardless of which industry you are active in, we can develop a smarter freight package.


Our robust pallets and trays are designed to take up minimal volume in return transport. This reduces the number of journeys and by definition the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.


Thermoplastics can be 100% recycled. When products are worn out, they are ground down and the material can be reused.

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