cutting edge packaging solutions

We work to create solutions in close cooperation with you. During the development phase, we work with frequent tollgates and want to know your thoughts and ideas.

Requirements analysis

Our cooperation is based on methods to identify your needs and goals. What challenges do you face? How can you improve logistics and materials handling? What consideration must we give to the products that will be handled and the environment in which they will be transported?

Idea & construction

When we have identified needs and goals, we give feedback with price proposals for intended production volumes. We agree on the financial framework and start our innovative and responsive design work. We hold frequent coordination meetings with you and use the latest technology for 3D design in the design work.

3D modelling

We build prototypes using 3D printers for visualizing and testing packaging details. This gives us a valuable image of how your products will fit into their intended freight packaging before manufacturing on a larger scale. During this phase we exchange ideas and discuss the design in more detail.

Tool making

We produce a mold for use in the manufacturing process and at the injection molding step from a finished design drawing. The mold is designed to give the highest possible precision during several years of future manufacture.


We have the capacity for large-scale, automated serial production of injection molded parts, working with the best possible technology for each project. We use an injection molding machine with a 1,700-ton clamping force that takes up to 20 kg of material per shot for the largest surface and volume products. Our knowledge of manufacturing molding tools means that we can injection mold even very large products in short series with good profitability.


we build prototypes using a 3D printer.


We use modern 3D printers that give an almost identical image of how the end product will turn out.